Nuporiums Team



Sara Rivman is an image consultant. Sara does personal styling, makeup artistry, and fashion designing with her own fashion line, Sariv Design Co. If that wasn’t enough, she felt called to start this charity to give back to her community. Sara grew up with not much, her family relied often on the help of others. When she got older and became a single mother, Sara struggled with being a parent, going to school full time, and working full time. Sara grew up in a not-so-great home, so she did not have a lot of people to rely on for help. Sara kept working hard, and when she met her husband, they worked together to build a good life for their family. Sara and her husband have been married for 19 years and have two children who are adults and are now pursuing their own lives.

┬áSara has been involved in the volunteer world in different ways from a young age. keeping her family involved in charity work as well. When their family moved from Ohio to Kentucky, Sara found it hard to find the right volunteer work that she felt passionate about. So she one day decided she wanted to put together a clothing event. This was supposed to be a one-time thing, but when Sara spoke with the shelters and heard how bad the need was for help, she was shocked. She contacted other charities to talk to them about this issue, but it didn’t go well, so after thinking about how important this is and how bad of a need there is in so many places, Sara decided this is what she was meant to do. Sara is beyond thankful to the people who have and are apart of this journey and is very excited to grow more partnerships with the other charities in the community. Sara’s passion to help others, whether in the fashion world or the non-profit world, is because she believes women deserve respect, care, and support. She knows what its like to not have this, and she doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she did.

“I started Nuporium because the need was so great I couldn’t look away. Being in the fashion world and being a woman, I know the value of clothes, not only for survival through the changing weather but also for the desire and feelings they inspire. When you are wearing something nice, it gives you feelings of importance, value, uniqueness, and so much more. Having clothes that you feel good in can empower you to want better for yourself. It can encourage you to work harder. These women have been through tragedies and suffering and they are struggling and may feel broken on the inside. Clothing may not seem like something so special when you have a lot of it, but when you don’t have much, clean, stylish, comfy, pretty clothes are a luxury. These women deserve to feel just as good, if not more, as any other woman. “

Twila Grigsby

We are always in need of volunteers. Whether you want to be a full member of the team and be involved in the planning and development of the charity, including what programs we offer, locations we can go to that need our help, our shopping sprees, fundraising opportunities, building a better program, and providing a better experience for women. Our board is a group of individuals who see the importance of what Nuporium is doing and know that they not only want to help but also be part of the future Nuporium is building. There are more opportunities to volunteer as a regular team member who wants to be a part of just the events. Both volunteers matter, and we cannot serve the community without you. So please click on the link below to set up a one-on-one with Sara Rivman to discuss how you would like to help Nuporium.

Please contact Sara Rivman to learn more and get involved